Hello from OUTSIDE of the US..

GFW - USGFW - AU Hello, we exist.. come on. This is a global village these days.

The shot on the right shows the  current US Games for Windows website showing all of the new games and all that, including the new LEGO Indiana Jones game demo for download.

The shot on the left shows the Australian site for Games for Windows. Hardy inspiring since it is trumpeting games due for release in "early 2007". That is sooo last year, baby.

Right up there with the whole "who needs a Zune outside of North America anyway, let alone a gussied up one from Zune originals

The lack of globalisation in MS products annoys the crap out of me. is it just too hard to make any more than a token gesture of globalisation features. I can set my system settings to English (Australia) and get rid of the tonnes of red squiggles from my correctly spelled documents which is great. However, these are the things off the top of my head that i cannot do if i fly my Aussie Pride

  • I can’t install Zune software (let alone buy one)
  • Media Player will not display Recently Added music
  • Can’t use Live Mesh (even if I could get an invite). 
  • Couldn’t access SkyDrive when it was in beta

These are the ones i could think of while i was still on the boil. i bet there is a ton f others as well… Besides, my Lego Indiana Jones Demo has finished downloading…

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