Activation strikes again…

Yikes, My Work Vista VM has just been completely done over… I had to reboot it for something elso and soon as i started up, it prompted me to activate it.. no probs, so i run through the wizard.. Error 0xc004e003 and it fails to activate.. dang.. Everytime it does this, it then logs me off. So i log in and so it again.. nup, failed ( and logs me off). So i try again manually.. damn, it does the whole manual thing and now i have the screen to call up and do an activation over the phone…BUT… there are no codes in the section required to be entered in the phone ( or to the operator..)

So, off to 132058 option1, option3 to get a call logged. I was on the phone for an hour with this guy trying to assist.  no og.. we tried a System restore, no such luck.. I even did a repair install.. that seemed to fix it. Of course my previous installation and all the data was now in a folder called Windows.old but at least it was still there.

I start doing my updates and Service Packs as well as adding some essential applications that i need on my work machine. I had just gotten my profile back to normal and then i had all these errors trying to insall Office 2007. What the…? I tried a couple of different option and uninstalling and all that with no success. Then I rebooted and started up when i found myself in one of the dreaded Windows Update loops.. you know, where it says it is updating and then shutsdown over and over and over again…

In the end, i created a new HDD for my Virtual Machine and started again.. That was yesterday and today i ma finally back to where I was Wednesday lunchtime.. All I can say is thank god it was a Virtual Machine and I still had my Laptop Host to work off while i was rebuilding…

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