Library finished, now needs extension

DSCN1055 Now that my little Library nook is finished and all painted, I Already need to extend it. Sure I could clean out the books and maybe get rid of some of the older ones but books are our friends and I find it hard to part with them. Granted, I do have a few duplicates that i really need to get rid of but I have many more downstairs that are waiting to go somewhere…

There isn’t much more room in there but I may be able to extend around the walls a little bit. However, the space I lose in putting in corners may cancel out any extension that I put in. I’m sure that I will be able to come up with something. Perhaps go the whole hog and replace those massive windows with something smaller and putting in some windows seats that have bookshelves under them…

There is another section of wall that is outside of this shot that i can stack up with shelves but first I will need to do something with the excessive sunlight that comes in before I put in a bookshelf that directly faces the windows. Some blockout curtains will probably do the trick. That will probably solve the issues with all of the windows reflecting far too much light onto my TV as well…

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