AFL Round 4 – Carlton Vs Collingwood

Damn, Damn, Damn… we had a chance to put Carlton in the record books as the longest losing streak in AFL history as well as increase their streak of having 100 points kicked against them. of course, in true Collingwood style, we choked…

Every few weeks, we have one of these games, umpiring decisions appear to go against us, the players forget that man-on-man defence will stop tempo footy and that kicking to a one-on-three contest in the forward fifty is not a direct avenue to goal…

One thing i noticed, it still doesn’t look like Judd is playing too much team footy. He still tends to deliver the ball to where players "should be", not where they are going to be… there were a lot of kicks that were just out of reach or over the head of the leading players.  Maybe I’m just dirty because he didn’t come to Collingwood…

Match Details

Sunday, April 13, 2008
MCG, 2.10pm AEST, crowd: near 77,873
Conditions: Good
Weather: 18C, overcast


1/4 time

1/2 time

3/4 time



6.0-36 (14)

10.2-62 (20)

12.6-78 (27)

17.9-111 (23)






Goals: Carlton: Brendan Fevola 7.2, Brad Fisher 2, Bryce Gibbs, Richard Hadley, Setanta O’hAilpin, Eddie Betts, Nick Stevens, Darren Pfeiffer, Shaun Grigg, Kade Simpson. Collingwood: Nathan Brown 2, L Davis 2, Thomas 2, Didak, Medhurst, Pendlebury, Cloke, Swan, Clarke, Rocca.
Best: Carlton: Brendan Fevola, Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Jarrad Waite, Chris Judd, Heath Scotland, Nick Stevens, Bret Thornton. Collingwood: Ben Johnson, Dane Swan, Shane Wakelin, Martin Clarke, Rhyce Shaw.
Umpires: Stephen McBurney, Damien Sully, Scott Jeffery.
Nick Stevens
(Car) reported by umpire Scott Jeffery for striking Alan Didak (Col) in Q3. The charge was withdrawn.
Nick Maxwell (Col) was cited for intentionally striking Marc Murphy (Car) in Q1. The incident drew a three-match suspension, reduced to two by the 25 per cent good behaviour discount and ending as one game with an early plea. The player accepted guilt and the MRP suspension of one match.


Match Comments

  • The Blues ended the horror stretch of 14 successive losses to register their first success in a premiership match since the win versus Port last June in R11 …
  • Carlton’s BRENDAN FEVOLA passed 400 career goals in game 146 …
  • The Blues with six goals kicked their best opening of the season …
  • JORDAN BANNISTER had his 50th for Carlton 2004-08; also 14 Ess 2001-03 …
  • in the 236th contest no new match records were noted …
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