Exchange 2007 is all systems go

So I worked out this issue that was preventing the Exchange 2007 Installation from continuing. After all that, it was nothing more than a simple firewall issue. the two domains are firewalled from each other, hence why it couldn’t connect. How embarrassing.

the way i worked it out was via using DCDiag to connect to particular DC’s and checking that DNS test could be carried out. When i couldn’t get to the same DC’s that Exchange installation couldn’t see, I finally twigged.. Duh.

Of course, since then, i have since broken it again, couldn’t uninstall, tried a manual uninstall ( NOT Recommended  ). to recover i ran the command – Setup /m:RecoverServer – and it was failing halfway through in relation to the Microsoft Search (Exchange) Service. I browsed to the MSI file ( C:program filesMicrosoftExchange ServerMailbox) and then ran the msfte.msi /uninstall and restarted the setup. Bingo, it went through and reinstalled and Exchange was Working again. Woohooo..

I guess I have tested the Disaster recovery process enough now…

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