Exchange 2007 install woes

We are trying to install Exchange 2007 test intallation os we can check out the UC components to see if it will suitable replace our existing CTI installation. That doesn’t sound too hard does it… noooo…

We try to run the setup, everyhting checks out, well sort of… So far we have the following issues:

  • Single label domain

But the biggest issue that we have which to me, shouldn’t be an issue at all. First off, a bit of background. We have a child domain that is does not contain Exchange in any way. It has 1 Windows 2003Sp2 DC and 2 Windows 2000 SP4 DC’s. When we run the Exchange 2007 setup we get the following errors:

Extending Active Directory schema

Progress   ……………… FAILED

Domain cannot be reached. Please verify the connection to this domain and run PrepareDomain for this domain again.

Why is it trying to contact the Child domain at all? I don’t any part of Exchange in the child Domain. Everything else can see the child domain, what the hell? I added the preReq xml file that changes the requirements for the Ex2007 SP1 install and everything. the Parent domain has had all the domain prep stuff run and i figured it would work just find.

Any tips would be appreciated..

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