DC3 lives!!

We have being having all sorts of trouble adding our third Domain controller into our child domain. It just would not be able to replicate correctly and establish the SYSVOL share or anything. It was resolvable through its A record but just wouldn’t join the gang. So this morning, we sat down and decided to fix this once and for all. We went through and checked that we had done all the correct steps and permissions first. Yep, we had done everything the right way but just not the right result.

We were getting a lot of Event ID 1925 errors – DNS Lookup failure caused replication to fail – so I check it out on TechNet and got this article which gives various specific dnsdiag commands to run. we started with dnsdiag /test:dns /s:DC3 /dnsbasic from our and found that there were errors from DC3 as it wasn’t updating it’s DSA_GUID._msdsc.dns_domain entry. I then ran dcdiag /test:dns /dnsrecordregistration command to double-check and it failed also.

I then went and checked the DSA_GUID._msdsc.dns_domain entry that was there versus the one it was looking for and ,lo and behold, they were different. I deleted the wrong one with extreme prejudice and manually entered the correct value and Bingo, it started doing all the things that a DC does…

Somehow, there was an incorrect entry in the _msdsc.dns_domain_Name zone that was causing the issue. I’d say it was an old entry from before my time. Once gone, i was back in business… and i did the dance of joy..

Next Stop.. why won’t our Exchange 2007 Test box get to the next stage of installation..

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