Sunday Arvo at New Farm Park

We decided to make the most of a fine day and went down to New Farm Park Playground IMAGE_029 so Em could climb trees and have lots of fun. She climbed up into the first level OK but needed some assistance to get to the higher branches. IMAGE_028 Then she had a go at the new rope towers that they have in place.

We had a great time mucking about and having fun in the great Brisbane weather… The place looks green again and was most enjoyable getting my bare feet out on some smooth blue couch grass again. One day i shall have that on my lawn, oh yes, some day…. IMAGE_031

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2 Responses to Sunday Arvo at New Farm Park

  1. Greg says:

    The rope tower looks like fun.  Zac would have had hours of "Spiderman" fun on that!  Enjoy the weather while it lasts…

  2. Brett says:

    yeah, Em’s not so sure on them just yet.. she generally stay around the bottom half. A little more three-toed sloth than spider monkey…

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