WTF?… watching the Footy in Queensland

What the hell… looks like all the glamour of the 150th year of Australian Rules Football will fail to push TV broadcasters here in Queensland to actually give two hoots about the game. For Round 1, I was hoping against hope to be able to see the Collingwood game on TV. Now that the rights are shared between Seven and Ten, i figured I  could watch the opening match of Friday night game on Seven, the Saturday game on Ten and then see how I was going from there. Seems like a fair enough situation…

Obviously i was in some kind of fantasy land for thinking that… What I got was some crappy repeat movie on Seven, an arvo full of crappy repeat movies on Tem with no Saturday football at all… Again, Queensland TV doesn’t give a toss… Oh they show the Lions games on Saturday nights… except that there are 15 other teams in the comp. I personally hate the Lions team (for reasons that would be patently obvious) and i want to see other games of the round. So much for the great return of footy to Channel 7. Unless i am up for watching footy until 2 or 3 am in the morning, i don’t get to see a bloody thing. Why can’t you grow a pair, channel 7 and show it prime time on a Friday night??!! I don’t want your crappy Movies, Give me football on Channel 7 or 70, 71, 72, or 73. You got enough channels and you still can’t show football? Forget any of the preview and review shows, we get nothing!

As for Websites, the AFL has sold it’s soul to telstra, just like the V8’s did. unless you are one of the poor chumps that is actually a Bigpond or TelstraMobile subscriber, you get nothing but a jumble of rooted frames and the most horrible mess I’ve seen in years. None of last years RSS Feeds work and as for Mobile Web Browsing, forget it??

How hard can it be? I want to be able to see games that are on, read news on my phone when i can’t get to a TV, check an RSS feed of news for my club and for overall news synchronised between Desktop, Laptop & phone. Telstra, Bigpond and Fox & the half-arsed thinking from TV bosses who are still mired in the 1980’s mindframe have ruined the any possibility of enjoying sport when you can’t get to the game for me in so many ways…

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