My new Mobile…

While I was in an upgrading mood, I decided to upgrade my mobile phone too. I purchased a new HTC TyTN II phone as well. this is one sweet phone and I fear i haven’t scratched the surface of whta it can do. I have loaded a few apps to make it even better. The TouchFLO interface is just fantastic for big fat fingers.

Now that we are preparing to go to Exchange 2007, I can slip the Exchange ActiveSync into our requirements doco so i can receive puch mail. i could configure it now but i will most likely wait until we upgrade. i have taken some great ( and some not so great) photos with the 3 Megapixel camera too.

I’m loving the slide-out keyboard, makes it easy to pump out SMS and emails quickly. I can do it faster than i ever did on a T9 keyboard. This makes a big difference as i am one of those pedantic old-school guys that refuses to do Gen Y kiddy-style SMS abbreviations like "CU L8R" and " LOL" and all that crap. If I am writing a message than it will be clear, concise and to the point. Always have and always will. If I am paying for 160 characters, why would I miss leave out some? Besides, if it is that time-critical, I’ll just call…

Anyway, I think i picked a top phone an I am really happy with it. A pity the Silicon Case that i bought on eBay wasn’t as good a quality as the phone itself.

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