Multi-Monitor Setup …

IMAGE_023I finally got my setup at work the way I wanted it, well physically anyway…  trouble is that Virtual PC 2007 doesn’t support Multiple Monitor Support. Damn. VMWare Server is free but doesn’t work on Vista Hosts and VMWare Player doesn’t let you create new VM’s. I am trying to do a VMWare Workstation setup beacuse it does do multiple moitor support on disparate monitors. My first attempt in using VMWare Converter to convert my VPC 2007 image was a failure. It just kept blue-screening with a disk-related error  and restarting only to blue-screen and so on. No other boot options would work and even after mounting the image as a mapped drive to try a defrag or checkdisk.

Back to the drawing board. Until then i have host on the laptop screen and the VM on the Monitor… Hopefully I can work it out before the VMWare Evaluation version of Workstation expires. I don’t want to buy it until i know it’ll work.

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