Easter break..

We went up to Montville for our Eater break to join Mum and dad up at our house… we had a mixed bag of weather, one day of rain, one of sunshine and then one more day of rain.


quick clean up of the house, do some errands and then leave for Montville. bugger-all traffic on Friday arvo – it made a nice change from normal


We had originally planned to go to Australia Zoo. Weather was raining ( as we watched it come across from the Southeast so we delayed that until Monday. We drove down the Western side of the range to go to the Kenilworth Cheese Factory. Delicious!! I did many laps of the tasting table. we eventually bought some Mango Cheese, Classic Vintage, Sun-dried Tomato and herb cheese as well as some Mango Butter and Ginger and Macadamia Jam. Yummo. Dad and I had already done and early morning run to get some fresh Pineapple, the sweetest of the season I had tasted and probably the last of the season too. To say we gorged on fresh local produce was an understatement.


IMAGE_015 Our sixth Wedding anniversary as well as Easter Sunday. We exchanged eggs and gifts and spent a fairly casual morning. Barbeques steaks and snags for lunch out on the deck enjoying the fine day. I took a pic using the Panoramic Photo mode on my HTC TyTN II to see what it does (hence Dad’s two heads). After that was some early afternoon naps followed by an afternoon wander through the Montville shops.  For Dinner, we left Emily with mum and Dad and wandered up to the Penny Farthing pub for a delightful dinner and a number of Pints whilst looking out over the view of the entire Sunshine Coast.


Australia Zoo day so we packed up and headed off in the morning… Get part way to Maleny and it is piddling down. the last bit across the range was done inside the clouds in heavy rain. we got to the zoo during a brief respite in the rain. An executive decision was made to come back another day so we proceeded home and went to the movies instead. Chermside Shopping centre was packed full of people with an average age of about 12.. aaaragh. Home to a casual arvo watching Indiana Jones Movies which Emily was seeing for the first time. She loved them and can’t wait until we watch the third instalment this weekend….

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