Aussies halted at 16 wins again…

Well, it’s happened again, Australia has been beaten by Insia to be stranded on 16 wins again. The Indians did pay well but one wonders what the result would have been if not for the Decisions against Hussey and Symonds in the second Innings. Seems the Indians got the result they wanted. Their whinging and veiled  (and not-so-veiled) threatsd have resulted in the 50-50 calls going their way and also toned down the Aussie aggressions which is what they cannot handle.

I think calls about the end of an Aussie dominance is a bit far-fetched. One upset win does not make a great test side. Will Ishant Sharma follow the rest of his predessecors and get all hyped up and with pockets full of sponsorship cash forget to do all the things that got him there and spend time as another medoicre palyer living off the memoris of that performance… just ask Yuvraj Singh…

A few factors didn’t help, Hayden’s 11th hour omission, Tait’s performance, the inability to bowl fast men for any lentgh of time due to over rates…. As i said, one win or a drawn series does not make champions.

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