Paper Tiger caves again…

It looks like the ICC is nothing but a paper tiger and is as useless as ever… They have caved in to the Indian Cricket teams petulant sulking and essentially killed Steve Bucknor’s career just like the did with Darrell Hair. .Has no-one the balls to stand up to the BCCI?

Imagine if the situation was reversed. yeah, sure there would have been a lot of stuff printed about the umpiring decisions (and rightly so) but then the tour would have moved on without tit-for-tat suspensions, threats to call off the tour, the mass burning of effigies and all the ridiculous carry-on. What has been hidden was the fact that India could not last 70 overs despite the bad decisions… Had they held on for a draw, would all of this been so much of an issue. These are supposed to be professional players, yet an under-9’s team would have handled that better.

The whole thing with the racism slur is just ridiculous. If "monkey" is not a racial slur, how come the only player ever, in both past and present players, called a monkey just happens to be the only player in the side that is black? I am of the opinion that Ponting has done the right thing by exposing it. Just as it was exposed and dealt with in the AFL, so now it should not be swept under the carpet but be dealt with in cricket.

Harbajan denies he said it but he has history which undermines his credibility. Indians are calling Ponting, Symonds and Hayden a liar but Harbajan, despite being caught before for saying it and warned no to say it again, must be believed. Everyone must learn that racism is not just white people calling other people of colour offensive names but refers to all people of any race, creed or colour. I myself, lost count of the times I was called "a white c**t" when I played football yet it was only my coach that was banned (and again, rightly so) for yelling a racist term. There is no place for racism anywhere, let alone on the field.

While the on-field action was regrettable, the mess afterwards was inexcusable, showing that the state of cricket is in a terrible state and I do not see it improving until the self-serving asian bloc of cricket boards are willing to put the game ahead of themselves.

That’s why I am not interested in anything that the Indian Cricket team is involved in…..

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