Gaming, Holiday Style

Well, I have been on Holidays while Colleen was still at work so I have had the chance to get a bit of gaming in…

I have had a few games waiting my attention on the PC that had to wait while i played Halo 3 through…

Medal of Honour: Pacific Assault

I have finally finished medal of Honour: Pacific Assault. the reviews on this game weren’t that flash, i didn’t have that much of a problem with it. It is very much standard MOH fare and didn’t deviate much from the standard script. i was really struggling with a higher difficulty level so i copped out and took it back to Normal level.

Call of Duty 4

This game Rocks !! Fan-bloody-tastic. it looks soooo good. The only graphic drawback i could see was the Water. Halo 3 is still top of the pops for that. Other than that, COD4 simply rocked in every way. I have already played through it twice, once straight through and the other on the Arcade mode playing my favourite missions. The level with the AC-130 Spectre is just an inspiring through process and so much fun to boot.  A must-have game

Medal of Honour: Airborne

A great game for 99% of the game. Great concept to have the parachuting anywhere into the battlefield. the weapons were cool and fantastic with the levels of experience/attachments you can achieve with each weapon. the ONLY drawback was the appearance of the ridiculous Super-Soldiers at the end. Up to 19 shots with the strongest assault rifles to kill, all the time while the carry(!!) a MG42 and tear you to shreds with it. I was able to defeat them when interspersed through out the last level but in the sewer run, where they walk in pairs was too much. A visit to was required. No sooner had i taken care of them, i walked out and the game was complete… Ridiculous. I may as well have been throwing rocks at a tank. Other than that, it was really good. I have been back and got all three levels of experience in all the levels, including running around smashing everyone with a stick grenade to get the experience points.

Battlefield 2142

Great Concept but seems more of a Battlefield 2 mod than anything else. The worse thing is ( as with Battlefield 2), it completely sucks as a Singleplayer. Yeah sure, you can argue that it is designed as a Multiplayer game but I don’t usually play online. I don’t have the Time or the Download Limit to play online a lot (thanks to archaic Australian Broadband infrastructure and pricing – now we are going to censor the lot). Anyway, friendly AI in this sucks arse… I mean, you can’t take spawn points on your own but your friendly guys will run you down, fail to protect you and generally die a lot without helping at all. I could practice more, get better and all that but i can’t be bothered… uninstalled with prejudice..

Games to come…

Stay tuned to see how i go on those… By the way, love the new Australian Xbox 360 Homepage. A list of the top games and little videos about them when you click on them. Very well done.

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