2007 Wrap

Well, 2007 is done and dusted. We saw out the year in the family Montville holiday house in the midst of al the cloauds and rain. We had visibility of anywhere of 20 to 100 metres for 90% of the stay. When the view out back is of the entire Sunshine Coast, that means the clods are indeed low.

2007 was a good year for us… if i can remember enough of it…

The most momentous occasion is that we finally purchased our House this year… We have realised the Australian Dream. we have since done some minor work such as painting the living room but the major work is due to come in 2008 now that we have settled into the routing of paying off a mortgage.

BSR moved to their new location which went fairly smoothly. While it is a pain to be out in the sticks, it is good for me as it only takes 15-20mins to get to work and there is stacks of parking. Considering the state of traffic in Brisbane, this is a big plus. My job is a little more stale than it was before (I hope) and we have achieved positive results at work and have definite plans for next year. this is far more than we had this time last year.

Colleen has evolved her job into a part-time basis as well as getting further opportunities to be started in 2008. this means more time with Emily and a whole lot less stress. her work at Wooloowin State School as P&C President has been nothing short of astounding. we have re-introduced the dress and also a (button-up) shirt for the students. These are far more suited to little girls and boys during the hot Summer months. All of the events have raised money as well as having been well-attended. We have also been able to fund Electronic Whiteboards for the classrooms. These are amazing to see in action.

Emily has improved her schoolwork and is enjoying it more. She has also become far more fluent with the computer and has now got her own Pink Xbox 360 controller. She is a whip with using the Media Centre and is right into Lego and Star Wars… I really don’t know where that has come from??!! Her Maths is much better and grows more confident with it each day. Playing Monopoly, Yahtzee and various card games is certainly helping. Next year is Grade 4, a move into the senior half of Primary School.

Good to see the Aussie Cricket Team still slapping the opposition around with impunity. I actually attended the First test at the Gabba with my Dad on the first day and was there on the third day as a guest in a corporate box. Collingwood flew high getting to within a straight kick of the eventual Premiers, Geelong. Considering how much the other teams were smashed, it was an admirable effort. Alas, the retirement of the legendary Pie, Nathan Buckley was sad to see, her was a hero of mine, never giving up as he carried the Pies through the 90’s and then going oh-so-close against those dastardly Lions.

I hope everyone else saw out the Year in style and best of luck with 2008

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