The Great Double Standard


I was reading this article on the eWeek Microsoft Watch site and I was pleasantly surprised  to read the article which seemed to point out the difference in perception about Microsoft and Apple and to a lesser extent Google. It went on to talk about the good things that Microsoft have done and the bad things Apple have done and the different reactions from the Media and also Wall Street. This is nothing new, something i have always thought to be true.

As surely as night follows day, the comments quickly filled up with all sorts of Mac fanboys quoting all sorts of stories and comments and crap towards the author and Microsoft in general. Some were valid but most were frothy diatribes that we have come to expect. Anything that has "M$ or Vi$ta" or any play on Titles such as Windoze, Dimdows and all that idiocy is ignored straight away.

One comment really stood out for me, posted by Evan, that really got me thinking…

This unfair criticism, which is summed up in …everything Microsoft does is wrong, bad and monopolistic, while anything others do is good and innovative…has sometimes pushed me from being a moderate Microsoft supporter to being a passionate fan. I can’t stand the free ride, Apple, Google and the rest of the firms are getting from the media…

This pretty much sums up my feelings. I refuse to have anything to do with Apple at all.. Part of it is the equipment used, part of it is my dislike of the company practices and a lot of it is that i don’t like following the mainstream into inferior products. Sure the MacBook is probably a great laptop but down under in Australia, it is hideously expensive and not worth the extra cost.

Sure Microsoft is doing itself (or me) any favours in some areas but it certainly doesn’t deserve all the invective and poison that is streamed at it, nor does Apple deserve all the praise and fluff directed to it. One hope that one day, there will be a time when some objectivity can be returned.

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