Get your email address now

Ever since we came out with I have been a huge fan of the domain name.  You say “Google it” I say “Live it!”  To each his own.

Either way, for a long time I have hoping to use instead of as my email address… and today they have delivered! Starting right now you can go here and register a name, like, but you better hurry before all the good (short) names are taken and you end up with something like

Not only that, you can get a <username> At last, localisation from a MS product. Now if only they could do it to the Zune

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5 Responses to Get your email address now

  1. Bernard Hudson says:

    I am hoping that you can assist as currently I cannot receive emails. A message pops up advising the following:
    Unable to send or receive messages for the (bernie79) account.
    Server Error: 0x80191002
    Server: ‘’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80191002

    Best regards
    Bernie Hudson (0418 256 331) 06 June 2011

  2. Dorothy says:

    I have a email account however I forgot the password. Have been trying to get a new password but cannot access

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