Blackberry Connect on WM6

So we are looking at replacement devices for our Blackberry users as the venerable 8707v handsets are a little worse for wear. we have organised to get a few devices for evaluation. It should be interesting as we have only used RIM products up until now so it’ll be interesting to see how some BB Connect devices compare.

First up was the Asus M530w. I have been fairly ignorant of Asus devices up until now. The M530w certainly looks pretty good although a large disconcerting gap between the keypad and the screen. I’m not a BlackBerry user, just the admin (even though users still ask me how to do stuff) but this will require some fundamental changes. the Jog Wheel is on the Left Side, so cack-handers will rejoice. it does actually work well if you hold it the right way.

Initial connection just plain and simple refused to work… Couldn’t not get BES to recognise the PIN, it would just be updating as unknown PIN. Fortunately,  a quick search on Blackberry web site ( well, had a link to it) that gave me the right advice. All I had to do was manually enter the PIN into the Enterprise Policy within BES and it picked it up straight away…

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