Vista Media Center lives

I have finally got my Vista MCE up and running downstairs. I took and old Dell Precision 360 I had and updated RAM to 2Gb and a 80 + 400GB HDD’s and chucked a Tuner card and bingo..

Getting the Guide to work was a bit of a challenge. I still only have a shoddy pair of Rabbit ears connected so the channels are a bit funny. I am using the IceTV guide at the moment but it is coming due for subscription so i am not sure if i will use it or change to the EPGStream version. Bloody backward-thinking Aussie TV Stations. I just have to work out if i can get rid of the slight delay when changing channels.

i do have the MP3’s and the DVD’s sorted. Alas, all my AVI’s and various non-DVD format movies are lumped in the video section of the menus rather than with the DVD’s. Em and Colleen have both taken to it with great relish. Considering the functionality of the LG DVD Recorder i have, i don’t think it will take much to get approval for a serious Lounge room version.

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