Long time no post…

So it looks like I am following the suggested trend that Halo 3 might be affecting movie ticket sales ( or is it crappy movies foisted on us).

It is true, Halo 3 has taken up some time but i have been deliberately taking it slow to enjoy it. I have been limiting sessions to 1 – 2 hours. Halo 2 saw me do a big chunk of it in one 8 hour gaming session  but this one i will draw out to get maximum pleasure out of it…

I have also gotten Forza Motorsport 2 and Crackdown, thanks to sales at Big W. Forza 2 has been great, a top driving game although my skillz leave a bit to be desired. the best thing is that i have been playing multiplayer with Colleen and we have been having a great old time. I haven’t even looked at Crackdown yet..

Obviously i have been busy at work… too busy apparently as i am being forced to take leave as i have been told by HR… damn !! i have to take leave and Halo 3 still beckons … At least i haven’ been as busy as some, like the guy who only just broke his streak of unlocking XBox 360 Achievements – at least one a day for the last 681 Days !

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