Internet Explorer 7 Deployed

What I have been doing at work (besides Stick Baseball) is preparing, testing and Deploying IE7 throughout the Company. All Desktops and laptops have now been updated. The Terminal Servers have also been updated. I had to apply SP2 and a bunch of patches to them first as well as a stack of testing..


The best thing is that i was able to customise the Search Engines to allow users to search via Live Search, Google Australia, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, and That should see them sorted

I have also disabled the File menu via Group policy. This will be one of the Stealth updates as i haven’t mentioned that. it is always a bit of a bugbear of mine that people should learn to use the new interface rather than me having to make sure everything matches the way it used to be. it reminds me of my most-hated statement – that’s the way we’ve always done it – aaaargh…

Next up is Office 2007 Deployment.

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