It’s here, Halo 3 is finally here !!!

Off to EB Games in Chermside late  last night and picked  up my pre-ordered Halo 3 at 1203Hrs, home by 1210Hrs and was on within minutes of that….. there were at least 50 people there to pick up copies. I was the 3rd Legendary Edition in the line.

DSCN0866Wow, it is some game.. Interestingly enough, it said that i had to do an update before i continued.. Dunno what that was about. Unfortunately, My DVD Drive isn’t as good as it should be and i had to restart a couple of times to get it to read the disc….

DSCN0869 Eventually i got it going and got straight into it.. a bit of a cutscene and off we went.. It is funny to hear some of the quotes that we have heard in trailers throughout out the game as well as some of the footage albeit from different angles. I have only completed the first stage so far, i only allowed my self an hour of gaming as i do have to work today. I thought about having the day off but i can’t really game during the day as the room is far too bright.

It looks fantastic. admittedly, i am using an el cheapo Centrex 68Cm TV but it still looks damn fine. I got sniped twice while i wandered around looking at stuff.DSCN0874

The Brutes are good adversaries and the grunts make for a lot of fun. I like how at the end of the stage you can get a Carnage Report letting you know how you went. i got killed 4 times, killed one friendly and 84 enemies ( made up of 70 infantry, 3 specialists, 11 leaders and 1 hero). Nice breakdown and gives you something to aim at.

The visuals were stunning as was the terrain in the first level. I am amazed. Not just a normal jaunt through the jungle, it has gullies and crevasses and rockfalls and water and everything.

DSCN0872I soooo look forward to getting more into this game. However, i may delay playing again until the weekend when i can really get into it…I may even set up the DVD recorder so i can record some gameplay and post it.

Take it from me, It is a game for the ages…

This is the game that will finally get me to go onto XBox Live. I have started the cabling under the house already.

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