Laptop upgrade … I think

So I have been using my Dell Precision M60 here at work for the last couple of years. It has been a loyal soldier working wonderfully with only a trackpad repair required during it’s time with me… I have loved the big screen, the Video card has been adequate, i have been able to run Halo, Quake 2 and BF 1942. All essential games for the office Friday arvo BSU therapy.

Now that my offsider has moved on, i have been able to inherit his machine, a Dell D620 running Core Duo. Trouble is that it has limited Speakers (if any) it has a smaller screen but it is in widescreen format. i have been able to install Vista on it and it runs just fine with it…

I’m not sure that I have actually upgraded at all… it is newer, lighter, able to run the latest OS but I just feel that I haven’t really mad that much of an improvement. I’ll use it for a bit longer and then I’ll make a decision. They are still both the best Laptop HW we have in the company and we sure don’t have the budget to upgrade anyway.

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