Halo Goodness

Halo Wars RTS Demo Video


man this looks sooo sooo good. I haven’t played a really good RTS since C & C Red Alert. yeah, Generals, Zero Hour and C&C 3 were Ok but they were mostly the same gameplay with fancier graphics, just like releasing Madden & Tiger Woods each year. This one i can get back into…


Halo Short film


This looks tough, gritty and absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for all this to be expanded into a Movie.


Halo 3 Stuff

The Halo 3 XBox 360 has been advertised in stores too ! I saw one advertised in the WOW Stores Catalogue

Halo-themed Bags are proliferating everywhere!! Time, perhaps, for that elusive sling bag i have been looking for… check here and here and here and of course Bungie themselves

Lastly, here on a US Gaming Sales Chart, Halo ranks 2nd and 7th (The Limited Edition). All that and still a month to go…


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