Militant Fanboy-ism

Now i usually try and stay away from posts on fanboys and the associated Mac/PC and Windows/Linux debates. We have enough of them here at work and i don’t want to be drawn into them any more as it is just counter-productive. We us a combination and believe in the right tool for the right job.

However, a disturbing trend is starting to appear. Any post, Comment or Article that involves either part of the afore-mentioned debates is rapidly buried in all sorts of fanboy flame posts that ends up as noise that completely obliterates common sense and healthy discussion. I have seen it on Mary Jo’s article where she made some comments on the upcoming Mac OS update. She had to write another one to explain. Some of those comments were a bit insane too. I have also seen an article that talks about the same problem on Digg. the worst example i have seen recently is on Dell’s IdeaStorm website.

I though this was a great idea and regularly trawled the posts adding my vote to the articles. I recently went back there while i had a few minutes free time and what did i see. An absolute mess where there were these ridiculous suggestions that had thousands of votes and even worse, some incredible posts that are burying any kind of informed discussion.  For every post saying not to have pre-installed software, there is at least two that demand that Dell provide Open Source browsers, graphics,email, PDF and image editing programs  as default. Wouldn’t it be better to have none of these and et people choose their own ? Anyway, a good site that has been somewhat tainted for me…

I openly admit that I like a lot of MS programs and i use and support them everyday. Some work better than others. I also use some open source too. Most of all, I’d like to be able to choose what i use without having to defend my choice from a lot of flame attacks from people pushing their own, unwanted opinions on me. for example, if i like using IE 7 rather than Firefox, Paint.Net rather than GIMP or any others, that is my choice

I have made my choice on what software i use, please respect it…


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