Finally, Music to my ears.

iRiver Clix (4GB) reviewI finally took the plunge and got me a MP3 Player, the iRiver Clix 4Gb… I had considered it for a while and waited till all the rest of the 2/4 Gb players were like and yet none seemed any better.

I got it off eBay along with the Armband Accessory Pack and the Cradle pack. Included. After a heart-stopping wait, it finally arrived and I loaded it up with music.. and still it is only half full. It works with WMP 11 really well and I can also drag and drop directly to the device.

Browsing is a cinch, clicking on the edge of the device to brows in the required direction. It has FM radio, recording and all that… The Cradle has Speakers, Snooze button(for the inbuilt alarm) and also has Line In and Line Out and USB. The Armband has a couple of cases, Armband and some manky weird necklace thing..

The headphones are Ok, a bit uncomfortable to wear for any length of time, I might look at getting some silicon buds I think. They might be a bit more comfortable over the long term.


the only issue i have with it is that i cannot charge and play music at the same time. A minor annoyance really as it is only connected to Sync and i let it charge via the PC when i don’t need it. I still haven’t got a Battery Low warning yet so it is coping OK.

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