Finally, Genealogy Software I can use

familyshowdetail-1 I came across this application project today that is way cool. usually Genealogy programs a just awkward to use or a complete mess. This one really shows off the potential of WPF and is pretty bloody easy to use. Congrats Vertigo for not only making this a success but to also post it as a CodePlex project as well. Bravo

They have two example files included, one in their standard format (of the Windsor Family) as well as one in GEDCOM format of the Kennedy family that can be imported. each person in the family has space to write stories about the subject as well as a place to Drag and Drop photos into their profile.

This is just fantastic and will finally motivate me to document a bit of history of the Chapman Clan. I can add Pops’ tours through Europe in WWI, my dad’s parents epic journey to carve out an existence out the back of Eumundi QLD Australia, my uncles exploits and Milk delivery boys throughout the town of Eumundi and so on… All the stories and stuff which should be recorded before they are all forgotten and lost to the sands of time…


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2 Responses to Finally, Genealogy Software I can use

  1. Greg says:

     your right, i think i could use this too.  however, i noticed it doesn’t seem to have a print function, so I am not sure how my mum would go with it.  she likes to see things printed out at the end of the day…

  2. Brett says:

    You can export it in an XPS format and print that out using Word 2007 or the equivalent Word Viewer. 

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