Windows Home Server goes Gold

yes, the Home Server Team have finally finished and is is RTM. I can’t wait, my RC install is running smooth, backing up my 4 main PC’s onto the Dell PowerVault 715n that I had sitting around otherwise idle. I have yet to move all my files and everything up to the central location but that is a time restraint rather than a technical one. i also want to do a bit of a cleanup of all the idle data that is sitting around on my servers and PC’s to reduce the duplicates and outdated info.

I think the Add-ins will only help to strengthen the different ways to use this in the home. as has been with most MS products, the ability for developers, both amateur and professional to add in their own bits and pieces will improve the overall experience. I can’t wait for a way to add in email functionality to be able to do SMPT/POP3 capabilities. imagine the use in Small Business then. It would be the perfect foil for businesses that are a bit to small to invest in Windows 2003 Small Business Server but still wanted central file storage and Client backups. You heard the idea here first folks….

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