RIP Jack Odell

Rest in Peace Mr Odell, your creations have given me such joy in my life that i will never forget

Jack Odell is  the inventor of the humble Matchbox car, a toy that i spent countless hours with. A pile of sand on a building site became a bustling mountain town with racetracks, garages, homes, jumps and all manner of roads. The house that my brother and I grew up in has an ambulance permanently entombed on the brickwork of the front wall. ( Hint – never use hollow cored bricks for a racetrack). I still have all my cars from my childhood and i also have started getting some more….

As far as educational toys go, it is hard to beat a Matchbox car ( or it’s cousin, the Hot Wheels car). it has infinite possibilities, highly portable, virtually indestructible and still  2 bucks a pop here in Australia. While i see many toys come and go on the shelves of the toy shop, the Matchbox cars remain.

So i say thanks to you Jack Odell, your legacy will live on in me forever….

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