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now that i own the house that I am living in, I can’t wait to fix up my desk at home to a setup that finally looks great and works even better. I am not very good at keeping a desk tidy. Maybe it is because everything doesn’t have its place or whether I am too much of a packrat or not, I just seem to end up with messy desks.


bill_gates_400Somehow, I need to get my workspace ( or HomeSpace really) from Al Gore mode to Bill Gates mode. Now, technical equipment aside, seems to me that this kinda shows the wrong way and the right way to have your desk set out…

I have been keeping a bit of an eye on LifeHacker and Unclutterer and other sites of their bilk to get some ideas and some of them are very good but the problem is, i don’t know what type of ‘look’ I want to go with.

I have a Server rack that contains ( or will contain 4 or 5 servers plus at least three desktops to share amongst all of us to  hose. this means i need to haves desks for three people and still have it looking neat and tidy. As you can imagine, hiding the absolute tangle of cables that this will introduce is of paramount importance. A desk cannot look great if there is a rat’s nest of cables visible.

Should I go for a sleek modern look, a more traditional study space or should i just go for a mash of styles that somehow works together. As long as it doesn’t end up looking like an Office Cubicle, i think i will be OK.

If anyone else knows sites that can help inspire or design my desk space, please let me know…


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One Response to Desk Workspaces

  1. Greg says:

    I see Mr Bill is like me still clutching his TC1100!  It will be very sad to give mine back when the lease runs out…

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