Windows Home Server Lives !

So at last i finally got serious and began the Windows Home Server journey. I had a Dell PowerVault 715n that i really thought would be perfect for this. I had read in the Windows Home Server Forums about a few guys had tried either of two ways:
Method Number 1
Build a custom image that has all the required files and drivers and also do up a custom install script, burn it to a bootable DVD and hey presto, an automatic install.
Method Number 2
Put Drive 0 from the PV 715n into another machine, do the install until complete. Disconnect Drives 1,2 and 3 from the PowerVault and re-insert Drive 0 and viola… A new Windows Home Server.
WHS on Dell PowerVaultI went with Option Number 2, it just seemed easier… and know i have a fully functioning Windows Home Server on my  Dell PowerVault 715n.
While not overwhelmingly large in terms of storage space, at least i can make sure the really important stuff is safe.
I’ll be adding a few PC’s onto it for backups and definitely looking at the Remote access portion of it.
First Impression
I think this software has real potential. I hope MS has learnt from the mistakes in marketing Windows Media Center (in Australia, at least). Seeing as i am square in the middle of the target market for something like this, i can’t wait to see how this develops. I think the potential with the add-ins will make it even better…
Te remote Access is remarkably simple. I clicked on the configure button and it setup my portforward on the router and i then created the Website address. When i got in this morning, i checked it out. i had trouble with installing the Terminal server ActiveX until I realised that i had to add the site to my trusted sites. Oncew that was done, it was as easy as pie to log in and remote to my various machines…. this is gonna be fantastic!!
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