Windows Server 2008 on VMWare

Now that the June CTP has been released for Download, I thought that it was time to start testing of our own. Now alas, we aren’t running Virtual Server so I can’t follow the footsteps of Dugie . However, as my predecessors implemented VMWare 2.5, i ran up a new version of Server 2008 on that. No real problems, I’d managed to avoid the Common CD/DVD problems, mainly because our hosts have DVD drives in them anyway. I installed the full version, not just the Core because i want to test the Terminal Services and also the Print Services.

Server 2008 on ESX 2.5

I still haven’t worked out why the NIC is not starting but if hopefully work will die down so I can focus on it this arvo. If anyone has tips, let me know… It picks up the driver and identifies it as a VMWare PCI adapter but doesn’t start after adding the driver. Also, the driver is unsigned.

We are looking to commence testing Terminal Services first both for internal use and also for the Retail System that we deliver to our Stores via Terminal Server. We are starting Gap Analysis on the next version of the retails System so it would be a good time to incorporate the testing together.

EDIT: I found it, i had selected th vlance network driver, not the vmxnet driver. as soon as I changed that over, Bingo… i was online….

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4 Responses to Windows Server 2008 on VMWare

  1. Aroma says:

    Hi, I am using the exact same configuration which you are suing and still not able to figure out Network card issue windows 2008 server (beta 3). Could you please let me know what steps i need to take in order to resolve the issue. Thanks

  2. Brett says:

    Check in the properties of your NIC on your Virtual machine. You have the options of Vlance or vmxnet drivers. ensure you have vmxnet selected. if it is greyed out, you will have to disconnect it (or power it down)
    Ensure you have run the VMWare tools installation on your server. his can only be done after the operating System has been installed.
    After i did all of these and rebooted, everything worked Ok….

  3. Kevin says:

    1) Change the VM NIC Adapter Type to VMXNET.
    2) Reboot the VM
    3) Install the VMWare Tools. The Tools have a vmxnet driver that works. 

  4. Lennaert says:

    Hello everybody,
    Got the same problem. Using ESX 3.0.2 but can’t find the setting which i should change (type of nic). Where do i change the setting??? It doesn’t pickup the right driver i get an error while trying to install vmware tools.
    Please help me out folks!

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