The future of Microsoft Reader?

One of the best apps on my Dell Axim x51v is the Microsoft Reader application which I use to look at Doco’s ( previously via the Word 2003 plug-in) and various ebooks that I have gathered from around the traps over the last few years. Now, while checking out for any new ones, I found out that there will be no version for Windows Mobile 6 nor will a plug-in be (officially) available for Word 2007. I mean, it has never been real popular nor well supported. The Last MS Press release was in 2003!

So what will be the replacement?? Will it use XPS formats, or be based on WPF/e or something else…. or by nothing at all. That wouldn’t surprise me. After I finally gather a bit of a library, it will all be made useless. I have seen no mention nor any example of any alpha or Beta releases of anything

So, if anyone has come across anything, let me know….. i may just sop buying any more .lit ebooks in case.


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4 Responses to The future of Microsoft Reader?

  1. Thad says:

    Microsoft has clearly abandoned Reader, unless you consider software last updated in 2000 as "supported!"

  2. Michael says:

    humm – you may have missed this;, and president Nixon died, they invented something called the iPod and …

  3. Brett says:

    Alas, it was posted on 1st April 2007….

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