My New Phone…someday.

Here is an article on the unboxing of my planned upgrade to my phone. My Nokia 6260 is starting to get pretty worn out and my Dell Axim x51v is EOL and while still incredibly powerful, I never have it on me when i need it most. Now with the HTC Kaiser ( or whatever it’ll be branded here should it arrive, either Dopod or iMate), I’ll have the best of both worlds with only minor sacrifices to a separate Phone and PDA.


The only other possibility is the O2 XDA Atom Life (itself a rebranded Quanta Apollo – incidentally the rumoured HW partner for the Dell PDA Phone) which has the same CPU as the Del Axim as well as 1Gb ROM memory onboard. but the Kaiser has a keyboard, Windows Mobile 6 and GPS. It is due for release sometime in the second half of this year hopefully… let’s hope i don’t have to resort to an eBay purchase to get this one…

Here is a comparison between the two…. By the way, the site is fantastic for details and comparisons on PDA and Smartphones and all version in between.


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