Marketing Slogans – Irony or Stupidity?

I was checking some info out on the Adobe website last night and saw their new promotional Slogans used to promote their new Creative Suite range of products (CS3). I have included a screen grab below and a close-up…

Now, setting aside the disturbing Jester made of playing cards image, does the whole ” Creative License – take what you want” line seem a bit odd considering the amount of P2P traffic out there for CS3 products. I did a quick Google search  for “Adobe + Torrent” (for research purposes only – I cannot condone the use of P2P for illegal file-sharing) and came up with the following:

Results 110 of about 1,470,000 for adobe + torrent. (0.10 seconds)

Hmmm. So the big question is, is it a double entendre or is it just ignorance about the potential misinterpretation.


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