Single CPU Vs Multi CPU in VMWare


Ok so I have my VMWare ESX host right.. now it has a number of servers on from before i took over. One of those is our Exchange Server and it is running a bit busier than i thought it should be. So i look into it a bit more As it so happened, I was having a chat with a VMWare Techo on an unrelated matter and i asked him about it.

"you don’t have 2 x CPU’s set do you??" … Well, it turns out id does. That seems like a logical step but on further explanation, it certainly isn’t as he explained to me as (which i have simplified down to) "it has to wait until 2 CPU’s become available…"


Well, i was a little skeptical but we tried it out anyway and here are the results….

 Try and guess at what time i switched it to a single CPU !!. I was stunned. We also changed one of our SQL servers and it has showed a similar decrease although not as dramatic as that…

So, this is what i learned about ESX Server today…





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3 Responses to Single CPU Vs Multi CPU in VMWare

  1. brian.knotts says:

    So we saw some similiar issues on our end. The question I have though is what happens when you truly exhaust the cpu and need two? I assume no matter how big the server is, it should be set to 1?

  2. Brett says:

    That was the Techo @ Vmware indicated after Itold them what I had found

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