I’m back online…

My laptop had one too many BSOD on Tuesdays. I managed to get it back up enough to Ghost the Disk so I had to rebuild. How much of a pain is that! The Windows Installation takes about 40 mins, the Security updates take about 2 hours. I use Autopatcher to do bulk updates. It saves a lot of time and hassle. I configure at the start and then let it go.. Then I only have the latest patches to install via Windows Update.

The restore of my Data from the Ghost image has taken ages. i finally took the hint and split the disk into System and Data Partitions so hopefully that won’t be so much of a pain. the worst bit is installing all the little tools and bit’s and pieces that i used. the Files and setting wizard was good for a lot of system settings but there are a few things that doesn’t cover…

At least now is the opportunity to review the tools and stuff that i had installed. I have been able to avoid putting a few things on because they are no longer required as well as get updated versions for a few others. Stuff i haven’t installed has been chucked in the Data Drive in case i need it down the road.

At least it is nice a fresh and back to booting at a decent speed….. and yes, i wanted to use Vista but i was told not to just yet… next rebuild i guess.

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