XBox 360 Goodness…

How good are some of the upcoming XBox 360 releases looking. My key ones will be Forza Motorsport 2 and of course, the one and only Halo 3.

Check out the new site for more on Forza 2.. there is a great Video of a SS Camaro vs a fully sik MR2. be aware, it is 700Mb+ video but well worth it. a Low res version is here but if your download limits can handle it, check out the full vid. it is stunning….

As for Halo 3.. Man it is going to be sooooooo fantastic. I am still trying to work out how to upsell the Limited edition with the cool helmet to the Wife… Check out the Site here for wallpapers and videos. the Video Documentary by the Bungie folks are fascinating, especially the one on Multiplayer.. sweeeeeeeeeeet


So know my wish list is as follows

Tier 1

Halo 3 – Goes without saying best FPS in my book, each improving on the last.

Forza 2 – Driving fun, back to sports + Jap cars on the track..

Lego Star Wars II – ’nuff said

The Darkness – Played demo… new take on FPS with dark, dark overtones.


Tier 2

Blazing Angels – I’m Old Skool, cut my teeth on Flight Sim games and still have a soft spot.

GRAW 2 – Awesome team play and fiannly a soldier game i can survive in…

Crackdown – I love cel shaded games

Gun – The man in black fled through the desert, and the gunslinger followed – Stephen King, The Gunslinger

Ricky Ponting Cricket 2007 – dominate like my main man, Matt the Bat ( past one day cricket indeed….)


any others i could take it or leave it… or i already have it… The Xbox os starting to draw equal with my PC gaming although i have bags and bags of PC games, some of which i haven’t played yet..


now if only i could afford THIS Console and/or this PC

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