Catch-Up – The IT world..

well so much time has passed so little posting… What are all the things I would ( nay, should) have posted about in the last few months….

The IT World…

  • Windows Home Server Beta 2/RC – waaay cool. I had the beta running in most basic form. Ultimately, i am looking to see if i can get it to work on an old Dell PowerVault 715n that i happen to get cheaply second-hand.
  • Longhorn Server Beta 3 – Sweeet. not only that but Beta 3 has just been released so that is definitely something i want to keep up on. We have just resigned our SA agreement for our Internal Servers so that we can be free to reap the benefits of the new OS
  • Dell XPS 710 – i just want one.. now with Vista.
  • Windows Vista. I now have this running on Home desktop and Home laptop. I just love it…
  • So Now i have 2 x Vista, 1 x XBox 360, 1 x planned Vista MCE and 1 x planned WHS box… need to get the home network sorted out.. including more cabling.
  • Check out This Guy. he has made a miniature XBox 360 out of paper, including the HDDVD. just for kicks he modded it so that it would be a USB drive.
  • it Seems the Dell Axim is to be no longer (AximSite post here and Official Dell Bog entry here). Alas, Axim, i knew him well. it still outperforms any PDA i have compared it too. here’s hoping they are working on a Phone/PDA or PDA/Phone combo.
  • Speaking of Dell, Check out the Michael Dell’s kit. Aaaaah, to be a CEO of a HW company…

I still haven’t replaced my shelving unit with the HP E-Series Rack that i got on the cheap. Not only that but there are a few my PC’s with their entrails spread out over the floor. My Desk is getting more and more messy, i really need to take back that Desk real estate…

I had to replace all the cooling fans in my PC as two had died and one had a good death rattle going. I now have fancy red ones complete with Fan grills in a bid to reduce the dust ingress. The new CPU fan is running ultra quiet and is a great buy for the price. a good sign when PCCaseGear sells out. this allows me to put off the big CPU/Mobo/RAM/Video Card Upgrade that is inevitable. Damn you PCI-EX!!

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