Catch-Up – Sport….

well so much time has passed so little posting… What are all the things I would ( nay, should) have posted about in the last few months….


  • My beloved Broncos are on the verge of recovering from their Premiership Hangover. their 2-3 ratio gets better each week.
  • The Pies won the Anzac Day Clash!!. The biggest game out side of Finals in the entire country!!! The rebuilding is coming together well…
  • My man Matty Hayden is clobbering runs at the 2007 ICC World Cup in the Caribbean. Not only that but the much-maligned bowling attack now have 3 outta the top 5 wicket takers for the tournament.
  • Played a heap of Golf with Dad. We played at  the Glenview Par 3 course (on Glasshouse Mountain Road). Dad likes it as it takes my power game out of play. He still whoops me there. We also have played at Nambour and also at Virginia. Nambour still remains as my nemesis. I haven’t improved there at all whereas i have got my score down to 54 over 9 holes at Virginia.
  • We wandered into a Golf Shop on the way home to check out new bags for Dad. I took in my 5I and 1W in to get checked for height. I had always thought that they felt a little short. Turns out that they are Standard minus 1/2". When i stood up against the "special" chart for clubs, I found out that due to my height and broad shoulders ( and perhaps my rotundness), I require a Standard PLUS 1" club length.  i took that under advisement but on the way out, dad asks if i want to order them now and he puts down the first payment. So i get new clubs, he get’s my old ones ( as it happens, they are the size he needs..) and he still doesn’t have his new bag…
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