Catch-up – Family…

well so much time has pased so little posting… What are all the things i would ( nay, should) have posted about in the last few months….


Easter Break

Both Colleen and I took the week off after Easter so i could spend the School Holidays with Em and Colleen. We were busy yet relaxed at the same time, it was overdue and definitley required


We took Em to Dreamworld on Easter Monday care of two free Adult tickets.  We had a whale of a time. 

  • Dodg’Em cars – Em was big and Brave and rode on a Dodgem car (bumper car for the seppoes) all by herself for the first time. previously she had been a driver with daddy being the passenger. Not this time and her cackles of delight echoed throughout the track. She loved it so much that this also became the designated last thing to do
  • Rollercoaster – Em had her first ride on the Rollercoaster as well.. This was a little more scary and required a little more convincing. However, she stepped up when the time came like a brave soldier. She was a bit shaky when she got off but that soon translated into excitement as the adrenalin surged.
  • Widlife area – they have added a great area with Forest, Desert, Reptile,Avairy and Nocturnal zones with all the animals. this was fantastic with being able to pet the Grey Kangaroos as they lounged around in the shade. We had our pic taken with Colleen holding a koala as well…

Australia Zoo

 We also visited Australia Zoon on the following  Friday so Em could see Bindi and the Crocmen

  • Bindi and the Crocmen – She puts on a great performance. Seeing it in person reduces the concern of driving her too hard too early. Terri and Wes and all the Autralia Zoon family watch on with great pride
  • The Croc Show – First they start of with the birds that are trained to fly around the crocoseum as aprt of the show and then they bring out the snakes and then the biggest reptile of all. it is amazing how they cannot be tamed yet by knowing their responses to certain situations, Terri and Wes are able to put on a great show. Nothing was funnier than seeing Wes let loose with a "S**t" before correcting himself to "Crikey". The Danger is always there
  • Feeding – we fed the elephants first, that was amazing and then we went to the Kangaroo enclosure and fed the big Red kangaroos this time.. fantastic.
  • The rest of the time we spent seeing all the other animals, the Wombats which were all moving about and waiting… yes waiting for their afternoon walk around the zoo.. usually you just see their ass where they have buried themselves under a log or into a burroe.


Spent the rest of the time up at Montville, relaxing at our Family house up there.. mmm so quiet, so high and sooooo relaxing… (and no water restrictions as we are on 2 massive water tanks...). There are no phones, no internet, i can relax off the grid (except for electricity and the TV – which we try to keep off as much as we can…)

I love that house and hope it stays in the family for generations… To think that people laughed when Dad paid some AUD$6000 for that block in the mid 70’s.. hahahaha. it is only one of four houseblocks near the town that is on the eastern (coastal) side and is protected from the Westerly winds (where the storms and damaging winds generally come from).

It was sure tough to come back to work….

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