We’re back…

Well, finally we’re in our new office and we have our full speed link. We have physically been in our new location out at Eagle Farm near the Brisbane Airport for a week but Telstra couldn’t deliver the full fibre link until last Friday. can you imagine 37 odd people all sharing a 384 Kb SHDSL line. It wasn’t pretty.

Fortunately, our internal users are all on Terminal Server which made it just enough to work with but just slow enough for users to complain, grumble, whine and bitch… for once, I didn’t blame them.

Other than the delayed fulfillment by Telstra, everything else went quite smoothly. we were delayed a day because the building wasn’t ready but we got it all uplifted and moved across just fine. Nobody lost anything and nothing we still needed was left behind. We were also able to sell some excess gear to employees. I got a new Filing cabinent and a HP Server Rack for all my gear at home.

Any leftover desks and cabinets and all that were then sold to the new owners of our old building. this actually managed to cover the cost of the removals and any capital costs that were involved so we came out pretty much even, keeping the bean-counters very happy.

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