Trackbacks in Live Spaces

Bloody Hell, i still seem not be able to get any link-love happening. As we all know, you need to link via trackbacks to toher people to raise your profile. I still cannot get trackbacks to work. That is why I am ranked 1,596,403 on Technorati

Oh, i know how i am supposed to do them. Update the link in your "add trackback" section of your post and then click on Publish. I still have not had that work. Windows Live Writer is where i do most of my writing and when i click on the properties to add trackbacks, it is greyed out.

The only problem is that when i do that, nothing happens on the other sites. Not on other Live Spaces site, not on other site nothing… Anyone who has a tip, please let me know… espcially adding trackbacks to blogs hosted on the MSDN site, such as Frank’s Blog. if i can’t get to the most popular blogger in Australia, how will i get to the rest? ( or ever get a job in his team? )

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