Alas, One Less Desk Available

Seems there is one less desk available on Level 9 of Waterfront Place. Scott Barnes, the new Developer Evangelist has commenced at the Brisbane office of Microsoft as part of Frank’s Team. Soon there will be even less after the Account Technology Specialist starts.

Judging by his first post, it makes me burn thinking the MS would have to be my dream job. I have seen a single job come up for since I moved (suitable for an IT Pro, anyway) and methinks that it would be a cutthroat competition if one became available. Realistically, i am a bit of a way before really getting to a spot where i would be confident competing for a spot like that but hey, this could be my year.

My wife doesn’t want me to do it seeing as my last three permanent positions where at Franklins, WorldCom and BSL. Each of these companies have gone broke and now no longer exist in their original form. eek. it wasn’t my doing, honest.

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