Job Opening at Microsoft!!

So Frank has posted about the Enthusiast Evangelist position opening in Sydney.   It is a pity that this is Sydney-based, had it been in Brisbane, i would have applied in a flash. Although i would be outclassed by a lot of the candidates, I think the feedback that i would have gotten would show me where i need to focus my energies… How cool would that be. Talking about how great the new Microsoft products coming out would be and then to talk to the community to find out what they think.. that would be pure gold.

I sure know that working here is rapidly becoming a dead-end for me. No growth, notraining opportunities, the proposed new IT manager is strongly entrenched in Open Source and has indicated a move further that way and our C# developers all leaving…i think i will stay to co-ordinate the proposed move out to the boonies in Eagle Farm and then look for greener pastures

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