Vista has left the Building!!

The anticipation has been enormous, and now it’s finally upon us –  Windows Vista RTM.  For those of you who don’t know, RTM means Release To Manufacturing – basically when a product is ready to be shipped to industry partners for integration with their own line of products.

  • Manufacturing will be receiving it very soon
  • Volume Licensing Customers will be receiving it before the end of November
  • Vista is available on the January 30th for public customers

Some quotes from Jim Allchin’s announcement:


  • 50% more device driver coverage than Win XP at launch

Quality built into Vista, the three main focus areas being:

  • Performance
    • More features to keep PC’s running at optimum speed
  • Reliability
    • More testing than ever OS before
    • 16 Technical Previews since Beta 1
    • 60,000+ machines running Vista at Microsoft
    • Feedback from beta testers was fantastic – thankyou
    • 2x number of stress test then before
    • Substantially more reliable than XP
  • Security
    • 3rd Parties involved to test security
    • Largest outside testing ever done
    • The biggest reason to run Windows Vista
  • More applications will run out of the box on Vista than with XP and Win 2000 when they released

    Brand new applications are coming from small and large software companies alike

    Nvidia DirectX 10 graphics card is shortly to be announced

    Office 2007 available to Volume Licensing customers this month

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