Office Accounting Express 2007 is Free !

This looks like a really great product, something I’d be interested in as we slowly start to build a business at home so that my wife and I can be part of a business for any contracting that we do..

But (and it’ll be a big BUT), I just know that there won’t be any Australian versions or anything ( like patches, add-ons or anything) that will allow us to use it to it’s full potential. I remember years ago that we had an Australian version of MS Money but the last 2 or 3 version had nothing… Surely there must be some way to cater for international regions. I’m not expecting a version that will fully integrate all the GST and BAS stuff, but something that would allow me to get started.

yes, yes, i know it is a free product after all but if the retail version, Money 2007 and an suspected Office Account 2007 version (as in SQL Express and Visual Studio Express versions) won’t have it either..

Come on MS Australia, surely we can do something to cater for Aussie’s that want to use computer finance packages…

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