Aaah, Sweet November….

So we stand on the brink of November, my favourite part of the year. Why, you may ask? It is because this is the month of releases, both software, hardware and games in preparation for the holiday Christmas season. Not only that, it is the month of my birth so I have to start working out what i want to get (other than a chance to have job security) for my birthday so i can drop hints to my wife.

So far we have had the following releases

Internet Explorer 7

Windows Media Player 11

Office Accounting Express 2007

The Box Packaging for Windows Vista Basic and Office 2007

Due in the next month or so

Windows Vista goes Gold (apparently)

Office 2007 ( apparently)

XBox 360 Dashboard Update

Marvel Alliance

Call of Duty 3

Gears of War

Woohooo… and these are the ones i can think about right now…. it’s fun to be an IT Geek in November.. especially seeing as i have so much time on my hands now…

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