Friday arvo fun….

Here I was wondering what to do with my arvo and i thought, i know, how many evals can i use at once?
So this is what i ended up with…..
HW: Evaluation Desktop – Dell Optiplex 745 – Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM and 80Gb HDD
O/S: Windows Vista RC1 build 5728
Apps: Office 2007 TR2 Beta
:Virtual PC 2007 Beta
VM1: Longhorn RC1 Build 5728
All in all, i fun bit of kit for mucking around… I’ll be looking at the Terminal Server functionality so i can have something to aim at if we get out of this situation with jobs and/or company intact…
At least it took my mind of the concept of the receivers taking a copy of every SQL & Exchange Database, the Retail System databases and the contents of the entire File Server away on 2 Maxtor External HDDs. All my work boiled down into 2 bricks… I was glad to assist the receivers in any way, shape or form during these trying times
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